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What's New - November 2015: New User Interface, Touch Support and Zendesk support
What's New - November 2015: New User Interface, Touch Support and Zendesk support
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We’re thrilled to announce our new Cinema Intelligence.

Our goal at Cinema Intelligence is to empower you with the best tools in the industry. Together with Cinema Intelligence and our advance analytics you can take better and faster business decisions.

And today, we’re a step closer to that goal, with the new Cinema Intelligence release.

There major areas of change in this release are:

  1. A new and exciting user interface. A new color scheme, a redesigned navigation structure and the introduction of a new consistent user interface across all modules are things that you are going to see immediately when you login the application.

  2. Together with the new user interface we have completely re-built the Scheduling Module. Cinema Scheduler is now part of the Cinema Intelligence suite. With a single login, the new re-built also introduces touch base support. In the coming period we will work on validating the touch base capability and we will get back to you when it is tested and ready to enjoy.

  3. Complete reshape of the online customer support functionality. With this release we are taking major steps in providing you with the right communication channels and self-service documentation so that you can be more productive with Cinema Intelligence. Contacting our support specialist has never been easier. Introducing the Help Center, with full online product documentation as well as FAQ will help you get immediate answers to your questions.

We're very excited about this release and are looking forward to receiving your feedback.

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New Features Common to all Cinema Intelligence Modules

Log in

Now you can enjoy a Single Sign In for both Cinema Intelligence and Cinema Scheduler.

1. Log in with your email address instead of your user name. Note that your password remains the same.

2. Keep updated with the latest product news in the announcements area.

3. Move the dot to the right to remember the log-in information. We recommend using this functionality rather than to saving the password on the browser.

Minimum Requirements

Cinema Intelligence supports the following internet browsers running Windows:

  • Google Chrome v. 46.0.2490.80 and higher

  • Firefox v.42.0 and higher

User Interface and Navigation

Here is a comparison of how Cinema Intelligence looked like before this work began and how it looks today:

1. The navigation bar has moved to the left to gain vertical space.

2. Now the Internal Chat can be started from all modules.

3. Support Chat integrated with Zendesk: The support chat can be accessed if you press on the “?” in the right side of the application. This will open you a conversation window. Your message will be sent to Support Team, through Zopim, an application integrated in our Zendesk platform. All Support agents will receive a pop-up with your message, and one of them will pick-up your request. You can also rate the chat with support, giving us your feedback.

Film Database

Search by Time of the Year and View Movies in a Tabular List *New*

1. You can now filter by time of the year. You can either write the day+month manually, or select a complete date from the calendar and then delete the year.

2. So far movies were displayed in a Poster grid view. Now you have an alternative option to display movies in a tabular list: By default they are ordered by release date but you can filter them based on any other criteria by "clicking" on the relevant column heading.


Automatic Import of New Booking into Scheduling Module *Enhanced*

Now when a booking is saved it is automatically imported to the Scheduling Module. This replaces the old "Import Booking" button on the previous version of the application.

Distributor Report *New*

This functionality allows you to generate a report for each distributor that can be sent to them at the end of the programming day, with all movies from that distributor and how they where scheduled including stopped movies.

The report contains all theaters and rooms where that movie will play, plus the number of shows per timeslot. The Print option creates such a report in an Excel file, that you can directly send to distributors.


Dashboard *Enhanced*

Here is a comparison of what the Scheduling Dashboard looked like before this work began and how it looks now.

1. "Cinema Listing" that used to be a drop down list is now an expanded list. Theaters are displayed in alphabetical order. Below each theater's name you can see who took the ownership for that theater and what is the schedule progress.

2. Print: The Excel file structure has improved and it contains your circuit logo.

3. The analytics section containing Last week performance has moved to the right and now includes a chart showing the total admissions for each day of the weekend.

4. Schedule Workflow has now a prominent place in the dashboard, making it easier to see the current status and to report progress. Note that in order to change the status of the Schedule Progress you need to take ownership of the schedule by "clicking" the take ownership button as shown in the image above with label number

5. You can access the User Details and Legend by "clicking" on the bottom of the left navigation bar.

In the "User Details" pop up window you can now select your preference for sorting the Movie List and Auditoriums which are relevant to the Schedule View.

The "Legend" displays now the keyboard shortcuts that you can use while in Scheduling Module. Also you have now the possibility of dragging the window to a side and leave it open for consultation while working.

Schedule View *Enhanced*

1. Generate button: To generate a schedule you need to first select a day, then press the “Generate Schedule” button. The option to generate full-week schedule is no longer available.

2. Details box for a show in the schedule can now be found if you right-click on the show and go to “Info” option.

3. To select multiple shows in a schedule you can now use the following keys combination: Shift + mouse click + drag. You can now select and copy entire days.

4. When you click on one movie, all the copies from that movie are highlighted with a lighter grey.

Note: The schedule is automatically saved after each change. This replaces the "Save Button" from the previous version.

Split View *New*

You now have the option to see 2 days-schedule side-by-side. For this you need to: select one day, for example Thursday, then with the CTRL key press on a different day, for example Friday. You will now see Thursday on the left side and Friday on the right side.

This option is available only for 2 days and they will always be displayed in a chronological order. Note: You can not generate schedule while on the split view but you can use the multiple selection, delete and copy shows.

Cinema Constraints

The "Cinema Constraints" page has undergone a major redesign. Constraints are now displayed in a tabular format making it easier for the user to scan the page. They are sorted in alphabetical order on the 'Option" column.

A new constrain "Intermission Overlapping" has been added. This constraint enables you to set the maximum number of intermissions that are allowed to concur at the same time for both peak and non-peak times. Note: minimum value is 1 and the default is 2.

Performance Improvement

The performance of the new HTML-based Cinema Intelligence application has improved significantly when navigating through the application, especially in the Scheduling module, when changing views.

In the graphics below you can see a comparison between the old application and the new one in multi-users performance tests. The values are in seconds.

Enhanced Support

In the new Cinema Intelligence we have completely reshaped the online customer support functionality.

With this release we are taking major steps in providing you with both tools and documentation so you can be more productive with Cinema Intelligence.

Contacting our support specialists has never been easy. You can now contact us using the in-application chat or using the support email or finally calling our support telephone.

Introducing Cinema Intelligence Help Center

Today, we are excited to introduce the Cinema Intelligence Help Center. We’ve built a self-service offering from the ground up to deliver a better support experience to you, our customers.

Help Center is knowledge base, community, and customer portal — all in one.

Over the last few months, our Customer Support team has been hard at work writing the how-to articles and help center content, making sure everything is up-to-date and accurate.

We think the new Help Center will be easy to browse, search and read as you get up to speed with Cinema Intelligence or if you’re searching for answers to a specific question.

Your dedicated Customer Support Engineer will contact you shortly for a full introduction.

Note that you can view the status of your request including the bugs that have been solved in this release by accessing the "My activities" page under your profile name.

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