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What's New - January 2016
What's New - January 2016
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We're glad to announce new features on Cinema Intelligence.

The areas of change in this release are:

1. All Cinema Intelligence modules:

2. Scheduling:

3. Events:

New Features Common to all Cinema Intelligence Modules

Movie Data Base integration

Now you are able to see all useful information on a movie, on all our modules.

The integration with The Movie Data Base will import for you extra movie information like: posters, directors, cast members, ratings and synopsis.

Date and Time format configuration

Now you have the option to change the date and time format. The settings can be changed upon request, by the Support Team. We only need you to tell us your preferred option for:

  • Time configuration: choose between 12-hours and 24-hours format

  • Date configuration: we support short, long or custom options


  • Short date: 1/12/2015

  • Long date: 1-December-2015

  • Custom: 1-December

New usage of start date instead of release date

In the previous version of Cinema Intelligence we have introduced the functionality to be able to book a release for a later week than the official release date.

We call this “start date”, it can be different per location and we now display and use it instead of the release date, in all modules of the application.

Film Database

In the “per Site” graph of an older movie, you can now see its start date on every location.


  • Book New Releases: in the Release Information tab you can see the release date of the movie; all bookings below are grouped by start date

  • Film Week Overview and Cinema Week Overview: are now both taking into account different start dates per location


The forecasting algorithm is also computing the results using as input different start dates for different locations.


When adding a new event, after selecting the cinema and date of the event, you can now see on the right hand-side an overview of all releases playing in that week on the same location as your event.

Only booked movies with start date in the same week of the event will be displayed.

Scheduling Module

A new way of defining children movies based on genre

Now, when a movie with a specific genre will be imported in the Scheduling module, the “Is Children” checkbox will be automatically checked.

In this scenario we need your input on which genres to always be considered or tagged as “children film genres”. Your Support Agent will set it up for you.

After the configuration is completed, all movies with the “children film” genre will have the “Is Children” property. Of course, you will still be able to change this setting, if you consider a certain movie does not comply with this rule.

Versions of the same movie automatically linked for “Spread in starting times” constraint

In other words, the Group ID is now automatically set for versions of the same movie.

As you might already know, Group ID is used for the “Spread in starting times” constraint, to make sure that versions of the same movie are linked, and that they start with at least so many minutes difference.

Until now Group ID had to be manually added. You can still do this, but now it is automatically generated. For this to happen the movie names have to be identical, i.e. the format should not be included in the name.

For example, the 2D and 3D version of Star Wars will be automatically linked (seen as the same movie), if the name will be “Star Wars” for both versions, and not “Star Wars 2D” and “Star Wars 3D”.

Note: for the time being the automatic generation of Group ID is not supported for clients with Dolphin ticketing system.

Events module

Events Report

This functionality allows you to generate a report containing all past and future events.

You can download the report from the main page of the Events Module. The downloaded Excel file contains, in two different sheets, your past events (until current date) and future events (starting from current date).

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