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What's New - March 2016
What's New - March 2016
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Cinema Intelligence is continuously improving thanks to your feedback. We appreciate your input and are excited to create new and better ways of helping you to run your theatres more efficiently. Below you will find a detailed list of enhancements that were released this month. Please let us know if you have any questions and as always, thank you for being a customer of Cinema Intelligence.

Overview of changes in this release:

1. Forecasting module:

2. Events module:

3. Scheduling module:


Forecast all future releases

With this functionality Cinema Intelligence enables you to forecast any movie that will be released in the future.

Previously, only 12 weeks of future releases were visible. To forecast movies with a release date greater than 12 weeks from current date, complete the following steps:

  • Click on the “Show future releases” check-box

  • Select the month and movie for your forecast

  • Follow standard forecasting procedure

By default, the number of weeks for future releases is 52 (one year), but upon request, your designated Support Engineer can change it.

Page unlocked while scale factor is loading

With this change you will be able to change settings and navigate through the Forecasting page of a movie while the Scale Factor advice is loading.

Improved graph design

The graph with Forecasted results has an improved design.

  • You can focus on a lifecycle period by dragging the two buttons above the graph, for example, if the lifecycle is too long and you want to zoom in on the forecast for the first week;

  • You can deselect a movie from the bottom part of the graph, in this way that specific movie will not be displayed anymore

  • Up to 10 different similar titles can be added, each having a different color

Similar films suggestion

This functionality will help you select similar movies by storing previously used similar movies and displaying them as suggestions.

The “Other Suggestions” tab will contain the suggestions for similar movies in a table view. By selecting the movie title, a new tab will be opened displaying the details of that movie so you can select it for your new forecast.

Other releases tab redesign

In the Other Releases tab, visible for older releases from the Film Database, you can see releases one month before and one after the movie release date. These releases are now displayed in sortable table view.

Save keywords for future use of the same similar titles

Keywords added to a similar title or to the new releases are now saved for future reference; this way, if you select the same movie in a different forecast, the last modified keywords will be used.

Forecasting History. Snapshots

You are now able to save your forecasts. This can be done by pressing the “Take Snapshot” button and saving your snapshot by giving it a name. The saved snapshots will be displayed in the Snapshots table, including the name, date and time and the user that saved it.

In the Forecasting History graph you will see the evolution of total circuit forecasted values between your snapshots.

There are more enhancements to the Snapshot feature coming soon so stay tuned!


Events Module Search Redesign

With the new search of the Events module you will now be able to search by a new category: Event Type.

Possibility to save and finalize event in the first window

Events can now be added, finalized, and saved more quickly. The status of an event can be immediately set when adding a new event without the need to add the event, save it and then edit it.

Possibility to duplicate event

Events can now be duplicated by selecting the event you want to duplicate in the Events Overview and clicking on the “Duplicate” button. By doing this, the event details page of the selected event will be opened, with the same settings as the original event, giving you the possibility to change any field (e.g. name, cinema, auditorium or date and time) for your new, duplicated event.

Pre-booked shows displayed in the Week Overview

When adding or editing an event, in the week overview from the right-hand side of the page, bookings and pre-booked shows are now displayed. This way you will know what other shows/events you have for that particular week and cinema, plus auditorium and time.

For the pre-booked shows the movie title, format and details about when and where it is scheduled are displayed.

Supported formats on auditoriums

When selecting the auditorium for your event, you can also now view the formats supported in each of your cinema’s auditoriums.

New possibility to create event in other rooms in the building than auditoriums

You can now add events in non-auditorium rooms of the cinema (e.g. foyer or sky bar). Upon request, your designated Support Engineer can add a new room option, visible in the Auditorium section of an event.

This room will not be visible in other modules, only in the Event details and Event report. Therefore, events added in these non-auditorium rooms will not be imported to the Scheduling module.

If you want to have the same event in one auditorium and in a non-auditorium room, you will not be able to select 2 rooms for your event simultaneously. We suggest that you add a comment in the notes section that an extra room is needed.

Added intermission and walk in time fields

Under the Screening Details section, you can now define walk-in time, intermission length and start time. Currently, These values will not be imported into the Scheduling module, but they can be taken into account by the programming team when creating the schedules.

Added field VAT name and number, payment option fields under customer details

Customer Details section also contains new fields: VAT (Value-added tax) name and identification and payment options. The payment option is a drop-down list from where you can select an option.


Events outside opening hours are now visible

With this new functionality, you will be able to view events/pre-booked shows scheduled outside the opening hours of the cinema.

The opening hours will not be changed, they will be marked with a darker grey line, but the hours visible in the Schedule View will be extended to include the show that it is outside normal opening hours.

When generating a schedule, you will see a warning message asking if you want to adjust the opening hours based on the event outside opening hours.

Added room name to Last Week Shows

In the Schedule View, the right-click menu, now contains the room name where the selected movie played last week, in addition to the exact time and number of visitors it generated.

Possibility to change room name in the Schedule View

This feature gives you the option to choose between displaying the room number or room name, in the auditoriums list, on the left-hand side of the Schedule View.

Upon request, your designated Support Engineer can change this option and set the name you want to display. Please keep in mind that the limit of characters to display is 15, because the size of the auditoriums is dynamically changed based on this.

“Constraints” tab renamed to “Check schedule”

To avoid confusion, the previous “Constraints” tab in the Schedule View (the tab next to the “Films” tab) was renamed to “Check schedule”.

Warning message when pressing the “Fix” button

To avoid unintentionally changes, you will now be prompted to confirm your action when using the Fix function. The message “Are you sure you want to Fix the schedule?” will appear.

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