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What's New - April 2016
What's New - April 2016
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We are continuously working at improving your experience with Cinema Intelligence. Taking into account all your feedback and ideas and adding to them our knowledge of the industry and desire to improve, we are excited to announce a new version. Although in this release we have mostly focused on internal changes, there are also some enhancements that we hope you will find useful.

Overview of changes in this release:

1. Events module:

2. Scheduling module:

3. All Cinema Intelligence modules:


Ability to export to Scheduler more event information

With the enhanced Events module export functionality it is now possible to export from Events into Scheduler extra event settings like:

  • Walk-in time

  • Pre-show time (trailers)

  • Intermission

  • Cleaning time

  • Number of guests

All the extra times set in the Events module are visible in Scheduler, in the Expand Movie List, Film Settings tab, in the Schedule View with the same color codes and in the Info tab from the right-click menu:

The number of guests set in the Events module will be visible in the Expand Film List, under Per Show tab, as forecasted visitors for the event in the forecasted week.

Export of film screenings into ticketing systems

In the Events module we treat Film Screenings differently, allowing you to select a film title for your event. This allows for an export from Events to Scheduling with the name of the event you gave, plus the name of the film selected for the screening.

Enhancing this further, Cinema Intelligence now exports to ticketing systems the film screening as a show of the actual film linked to the event.

Please keep in mind that this is valid for two ticketing systems: Vista and Compeso.


Three days Split View

Split View is enhanced and can now display up to 3 days at the same time, allowing you to see all weekend days schedules in one view.

Activating Split View is done as before by selecting another day in the Schedule View while holding the CTRL key pressed.

All the functionalities possible on the two days Split View are possible on three days also. Since the Split View reduces the area of a displayed day, going mouse-over on a show in Schedule will display its full name.

Schedule Grid enhancement

The latest grid improvements allow the grid to remain active during your scheduling until you choose to hide it.

You can now generate a new schedule, manually drag titles, fix a schedule, while having the grid active. During these operations the grid will be dynamically drawn for every new show.

Activating and deactivating the grid is done from Schedule View, Check Schedule tab, Show/Hide Grid button.

All Cinema Intelligence modules

New supported formats

Cinema Intelligence was enhanced to support new formats.

The new supported formats are:

  • Dolby Vision

  • Premium Large Format (PLF)

  • Barco Excape

The changes imply supporting the formats on the room level, as definition of new film formats and scheduling behavior.

The following functionalities were implemented:

  • Giving a warning when manually dragging a film in a room that does not support the format

  • Booking a film with one of these formats for a theatre that does not have a supported room, means that the booking will not be imported into Scheduler

  • When setting scheduling constraints is possible only to set a room supporting the respective format as minimum seats

  • The scheduling engine now automatically schedules films with the new formats only in rooms supporting the respective format

  • If there is no film with one of the 3 formats above, the scheduling engine will schedule other releases in the specific supported room format, i.e. the rooms will not be left empty.

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