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What's New - July 2016 (Part Two)
What's New - July 2016 (Part Two)
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Our goal is to continuously improve your Cinema Intelligence experience, by taking your feedback into account such as new features available that we hope you will find useful.

  • Changes in displaying forecast result

  • Notification for booking save

  • Ability to see statistics for a scheduled day

  • Ability to check movies playing in a schedule

  • Film List functionality enhancement

  • Ability to see overview of performances in Film List

  • Block size when dragging film from list into schedule

  • Scheduling engine extension: Exact Room


Changes in displaying forecast result

The way forecasting results are displayed has changed. You will now see extra information in a single table.

Available information in the table are:

  • weeks of forecast,

  • forecasted admissions per week,

  • average past admissions,

  • The Pct. % section displays the contribution of the current forecast upcoming release to thetotal admissionfor that particular week,

  • drop percentage, which refers to the forecasted drop from one week to another.

An input field was added bellow, called Lifetime Circuit Admissions Estimate. The value added here will be used in the Rolling Forecast Report, as override/input value from the user, representing the estimated admissions for the whole lifetime of the film on the circuit.


Notification for booking save

The notifications were enhanced with the saving booking, extra than the notification for schedule generation.

While a booking is being saved and transferred to Scheduling module, you are now able to perform other operations in Cinema Intelligence, the loading will not prevent this anymore. You can navigate to a different module, book another title, while the booking is being saved.

In the notifications tab there are two different marks for indicating if booking saving is in progress or done.

While booking is being saved, a clock is displayed:

After booking was successfully saved, a green check-box is displayed:


Re-importing of pre-fixed shows

Pre-fixed shows, also called pre-booked shows are now deleted at every import and re-imported from ticketing system. In this way, any change in the ticketing system for a pre-booked show will be visible also in Cinema Intelligence.

For the moment, this functionality only applies to import from Vista and Compeso.

Ability to see statistics for a scheduled day

The statistics functionality will help you have an overview on the current day schedule.

The statistics are available on the bottom part of Schedule View. After the day is scheduled, you can see statistics for:

  • Sessions: total number of sessions/shows on the current schedule

  • Average: average number of shows for the day of the week that is generated for the past year

  • New movies: number of new films, not shows

  • Holdovers: number of films that played previous week and also play in the current schedule

  • Event: number of events

Statistics numbers are recalculated when new shows are added in the schedule. Statistics are only displayed on single-day view.

Ability to check playing movies in a schedule

With this functionality, as a programmer, you will be able to check films while evaluating their place in the generated schedule.

Films can be checked from Film List, Playing section, using the check-box before the name. Once a title is checked, all of its shows are highlighted in the Schedule, with a different color for children films than normal ones.

Shows can also be checked individually, by going mouse-over on the show and selecting the check-box that appears. When all shows of a film are checked, the title is automatically checked in the Film List.

Once all titles in the Playing list are selected, a message appears, with three options:

  • OK: closes the message window

  • Export: exports current checked day to ticketing system

  • Next day: takes you to the next day in Scheduling

** The checked shows will be kept in CI even if the checking process was not finished or if you logout from CI. Also, all the checks made, will be visible for all the other users.

Film List functionality enhancement

The sorting and filter functionalities of the Film List were enhanced.

Changing the filtering, from the top right corner, and selecting one of the timeslots, will display in the Playing list only the films with shows in the selected timeslot. Deleting a show from respective timeslot in the schedule, will also remove the title from the Playing list. Moving a show to a different timeslot will not automatically adjust the Film List.

** The selected filter will remain active even if the week day is changed.

Ability to see overview of performances in Film List

In order to provide a better overview of the weekend admissions/profit data for every film, two new columns were added to the Film List, in Schedule View.

The two extra columns are:

  • WP = weekend numbers per print

  • WM = weekend numbers per film/movie

The numbers displayed are values of admissions or profit, depending on the setting for scheduling.

The days of the weekend are: Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The two columns can be made visible or not per each user. The option to be able to See weekend numbers in short movie list can be changed from User Details menu.

Block size when dragging film from list into schedule

When dragging a film from the Film List into the schedule, the size of the block contains now:

  • Pre-show/trailer time,

  • Feature time (including intermission),

  • Cleaning time (the smallest value set per cinema).

Therefore, the block size in as close as possible to it’s size. The walk-in time being the only value not taken into account when dragging a show, due to multiple possible values per timeslot and auditorium.

Scheduling engine extension: Exact Room

This functionality was added to Cinema Intelligence in order to fulfill distributor requirements, theatre managers’ requirements or low hard disk capacity.

It is now possible to book or override scheduling constraints for a film by adding the option Exact Room. Extra from the option to define minimum seats required for scheduling a film, exact room will let you choose the exact auditorium the film should play.

In the Booking module, selecting an exact room for a booked film is possible only when booking one location at a time. Depending on the film format the exact room drop-down menu will only display rooms supporting the respective format.

When the booked film is transferred to Scheduling module, the scheduling engine will take into account the input and will schedule the film accordingly. If the selected exact room is not available, the film will be dropped from the schedule.

The exact room settings can also be made in Scheduling module, Expand Film List, Scheduling constraints tab.

In both Booking and Scheduling module, while selecting an Exact Room value, the Min. seats is de-activated and vice-versa. Selecting both exact room and minimum seats is not possible. Also, it is not possible to select an exact room in combination with Single Room.

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