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What's New - June 2017
What's New - June 2017
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Forecasts are extended by format

Until now, forecasting is available on the film level, rather than format. To take things one step further, we have extended the ability to forecast admissions per format. This starts with ability to split 2D and 3D formats. The system default is 50% for 2D and 50% for 3D. Default values can be adjusted at the site level. More formats beyond 2D and 3D to come!

Changes to Forecasting module:

Under “Versions” section we added the 2 formats with weight values per format.

All existing formats will be mapped to ONLY ONE of the 2 options: digital 2D or 3D. A format that is not mapped to either one of the two options, will have 0 forecasted admits (for now).

Under “Release Information” we now display information about available formats for the forecasted film.

An example on how the forecasted admits are being calculated:

Movie 1: 2000 admits for week 1

Available formats: 2D, 2D subtitles, 3D, Imax 3D.

Format breakdown: 2D (80%) and 3D (20%)

The calculations for breaking down a forecast by day, format and timeslot is as follows:

Saturday = 20% = 400 admits (using day coefficients)

2D= 320 admits, 3D = 80 admits

2D = 160, 2D Subtitled = 160, 3D OV = 40, IMAX 3D = 40

Scheduler enhancements to 'Ready' status

Prior to this release, it was difficult to understand which days had been exported to the POS in the Scheduling module. Now, after exporting - the day will be highlighted green to eliminate this challenge. When the week changes, the green highlight will be reset.

Additionally, if you export the full week in bulk, the theater will be placed automatically to state Ready. You will still be able to re-export a day if updates are necessary. For an export that failed, the state will not be changed to ready.

If your Cinema Intelligence account is configured for the 5 states workflow, we will automatically move the state of the cinema to "Ready", only from the previous workflow state ("Review"). If you're not sure what the '5 states workflow' is - ask a member of our support team!

Film DB updated with format % breakdown

In the "Release Information" section of the Film Database, we've added the format percentage that represents the total admissions per film x format. You will see this on each film record to more easily understand the format breakdown.

IMAX film and room enhancements to Scheduling

This new functionality will schedule IMAX films only in IMAX-capable rooms. We’ve added a new cinema constraint, called "Schedule only IMAX films in IMAX room“. By default, this constraint is inactive, please ask your support agent to activate it for you.

For the global scheduling engine, in IMAX rooms, the same priority remains the same:

1. New films with override

2. New films with distributor contracts

3. Old films with override

4. Old films with admissions

If the constraint is activated, the following scenarios will take place:

  1. If there is no IMAX film available for a certain week, the IMAX room will be left empty.

  2. In an IMAX room, pre-booked shows of different format than IMAX will be kept and the schedule will be generated around them

  3. In an IMAX room, if a non-IMAX movie is manually locked, the schedule will be generated around it and display the following warning:

  4. If a non-IMAX fillm is added to an IMAX room , we will display the following warning: "You are trying to move a non-IMAX film into an IMAX room." This warning will be displayed only if constraint is activated on that cinema.

  5. Creating a booking or an override for a film with non-IMAX format with exact room in the IMAX room will not be possible (scheduling engine will not schedule automatically non-IMAX film in IMAX room regardless of the input).

  6. In Expand list, Scheduling constraints tab, if IMAX-constraint is active, we will limit the rooms for a non-IMAX film to not include in the drop-down the IMAX room.

  7. In Booking module, when adding booking on 1 cinema, for a non-IMAX film, we will filter the exact room list the same as in Expand.

  8. For an IMAX, VIP-room, the same logic should apply: if a constraint is active on the cinema, only IMAX films should be scheduled in IMAX rooms.

Scheduler enhancement: 'last week shows' info

When you right click on a film in the Scheduling module, you are able to view more information, including performance data for 'last week shows'. If you are viewing this menu when shows are yet to be played (still in the future), you will see "N/A" displayed. No change was made for shows that already played. We will display 0 only if show actually had 0 admissions and/or profit.

Overview for film booked on multiple weeks

Now you can tell if a film is booked or not (new release or holdover). Upon expanding the movie list, you can view a a column of 'Remarks' (previously labelled 'Issues').

We also added the same 'Warning' sign for booked films in this column, with a few differences:

  1. If film has been overridden, the warning message will display: “Override: <constraints and min seats of override>”

  2. If film has a booking associated with it, the warning message will display: “Booking: <constraints and min seats of booking>”

The Booking message will be visible for all weeks of a booking. For example, if film was booked for 3 weeks and we are scheduling the 3rd week, we will display the booking constraints for the 3rd week. Override will have priority; a film that is both booked and with override, we will display the override settings in the remarks column.

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