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What's New - September 2017
What's New - September 2017
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Based on your feedback we are improving the product to deliver some awesome new features:

  • Schedule based on Weekend or Full Week Numbers

  • Booking Definition for Multiple Days at a Time

  • Manual Override of Forecasting

  • Keep Intermission Definition in Scheduling Module

  • Display Rating from Ticketing System instead of TMDB

  • Enhanced Print Report

  • Display Last Show Time in Scheduling Grid

Below you can find more information about each feature. Questions, comments or feedback? Please contact us at

Schedule based on Average Weekend Numbers

The scheduling algorithm can now consider as input not only one but multiple days as a reference for generating the schedules. The reference days can be configured by support at your request. This allows you to schedule based on the average weekend numbers

This feature is recommended for programming those days where you still do not have any past week numbers (e.g. schedule Tuesday based on weekend average data). This means that our scheduling algorithm, instead of looking into how the film performed previous week on one reference day (as we do now), it can also look into the average of multiple selected days. Based on the number of shows one movie had, the scheduling algorithm will divide the sum of all admits (profit) by the number of shows that run on the selected days.

The configuration of reference days will have effect in the numbers we display in Scheduling module (dashboards, film lists).

Booking Definition for Multiple Days at a Time

In the Booking module, user can now define Scheduling Constraints for multiple days at a time.

In Scheduling module, Expand Movie List, Scheduling Constraints tab the user can now override same constraints for multiple days (by using the check-box for selecting the days).

This new feature allows you to select/deselect several days, even when the ‘Whole week’ option is selected. The constraints you define will be applied only to the selected days. Based on the selected day(s), the common constraints will be shown in blue with possibility to edit, while the uncommon ones will be grayed-out.

Manual Override of Forecasting

This new feature allows you the possibility to adjust the forecasted admissions or drop percentage, at cinema level. When a value for the week is modified manually, the weeks after will be automatically recalculated, taking into account the drop percentages for each week. The value added manually for drop% field must be between -100 and 100 (integer numbers). For each cinema where the changes were made a “*” sign will appear.

If you click on ‘Get Forecast’ button after manually changing an existing forecast, the values will be overridden with those returned by the Forecasting algorithm.

Forecast adjustment service was updated and the adjustment takes place only for the films that the user did not change manually before first play week.

Keep Intermission Definition in Scheduling Module

The data imported from the ticketing system for the intermission defined by you in Scheduling module was kept from the previous week, but now you have the possibility to keep the intermission changes made per film from the Expand Movie List.

When you set a new release, it can be seen in the Scheduling module exactly how it was set in the Booking module. If any change is made for the intermission from the Expand Movie List, the setting from Booking will no longer kept and it will not be used.

Display Rating from Ticketing System instead of TMDB

Until now, we used the data imported from TMDB, but starting with this new sprint we will import the data from the ticketing system, instead of TMDB.

In Forecasting and Booking modules the data will appear shown as in ticketing system.

Enhanced Print Report

In order to get a better view of the performance, a new version of the Print report it`s available. It can provide a good overview of films per day, showing exactly how well did the movies played based on selected timeslots.

Display Last Show Time in Scheduling Grid

In the Scheduling module, if you go to the Schedule grid, a blue vertical line will be shown to allow you to see where 'last show time' was set.

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