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What's New - November 2017
What's New - November 2017
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For the past couple of months, our team has been working hard to deliver new functionality to improve the Cinema Intelligence product. We really hope that you benefit from the latest product developments.

Below you can find more information about each feature. Questions, comments or feedback? Please contact us at


Improved management of formats - grouping versions per film parent:

We have updated the film format selection process within the Booking Module. This feature will be especially beneficial to clients running multiple versions or languages of a film in various formats. The latest functionality brings the ability to manage formats based on 'grouping'. Each group can be collapsed/uncollapsed for easier visibility on available formats.

If a film parent has only one film version, there will be no grouping.

Bulk booking will also accommodate for updated format handling. After selecting a film version, the available formats for that version will be reduced to the scope of that particular film version. The number of rows available in the bulk booking option will be equal with the total number of format/versions for a parent movie.

Distributor Report Improvements:

We have also added an improvement to the booking distributor report, which is the ability to control whether or not the distributor report displays # of shows OR exact start time planned for booked shows. This is a setting controlled by a toggle in the report which can be switched ON to display only number of shows (and conceal exact start time) or OFF to display the exact start time rather than the number of shows.


Grid lines can be enabled permanently via a setting in 'User Details'

Grid lines are helpful to evaluate a weekly schedule based on film sessions that overlap during certain timeslots. This functionality can now be enabled permanently by turning it on through the 'User Details'. Most of you are probably familiar with this functionality via 'check schedule', and get frustrated when the grid lines disappear as you complete certain scheduling actions. When the setting is turned on, the grid lines will remain on screen through all of the following actions:

  • user changes day

  • user navigates from Schedule to Expand

  • user navigates from Expand to Schedule

  • user navigates from Home to Schedule

  • user navigates from Schedule to Home

  • user navigates from Constraints to Schedule

  • user navigates from Schedule to Constraints

  • user activates Split View

Stopped film scheduled in playing list

Moving forward, when a film is a manually stopped from the 'Stopped Film' list in scheduling, the film will automatically move into the 'Playing' list, rather than remaining in 'Stopped'.


Ability to add an internal note within the event details

Within the 'booking details' section of an event, we have added a section for users to add internal notes for other team members. This functionality should specifically be helpful for users to specify why an event was accepted or rejected by the Programming Team, for example.

Ability to manage event attachments

Prior to the latest release, users have not been able to remove attachments, or add additional attachments to an event. We are excited to announce that both of these actions are now possible for event management.

The following limit will apply per event:

  • Max number of attachments: 10

  • Max file size: 10 MB / attachments

Improved calculation of movie length within events

Event duration is now better synchronized with film length. When a film is added, the start and end time of an event will now be updated based on that film length. If no film is attached to the event, the start and end time of the event are of course configurable by the user.

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