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What's New: April 2018 (Part 2)
What's New: April 2018 (Part 2)
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You heard it right! We are back in April with more exciting functionality to improve your experience with Cinema Intelligence.


  • Ticketing system Data Quality Improvements


  • Ability to make manual adjustments at CIRCUIT Level Forecasting

  • Save Scale Factor with 2 Decimals


  • Adjustment to Scheduling Constraint: "Play the best films at the same times as previous week"

As always, if you have any questions or feedback about any of the new features, you know where to find us :) Email our awesome support team at and they will be happy to hear from you!


Ticketing system Data Quality Improvements: We know how important it is that 100% of your data in Cinema Intelligence matches the data in your ticketing system.

In the latest version of the product, we have built in new tools to make it easier than ever to flag data discrepancies. Our goal is to find any data mismatches in advance, and resolve them before you can even notice.


Ability to make manual adjustments at CIRCUIT Level Forecasting: The functionality many of you have long been waiting for is here! While up until now you have had the ability to make manual adjustments to your forecasts at the CINEMA level, now it is possible to make adjustments at the CIRCUIT level. Changes can be made in the same way as you've done at the cinema level. Click the pencil icon to directly edit the Admits or Drop % for any week. These changes will be distributed accordingly across each individual cinema. Any changes will be indicated with an override icon as displayed next to the second week drop % in the forecast example below.

Note: Regenerating the forecast, by using the Get Forecast functionality, will erase all manual changes. In case you edited any of the CIRCUIT or CINEMA level values, all these changes will be lost. You will receive a warning message on screen and you can opt-out to keep your changes.

In addition, if the forecast accuracy for any of the days in the 1st week of playing is lower than 80%, we will overwrite your manual changes. To preserve your manual forecast through the entire life cycle of the film, you can uncheck the "Run Rolling Forecast" box in the lower right side of the table.

We recommend to keep the Rolling Forecast service up and running all the time for all films, unless there is a strong reason to turn it off. To learn more about this service, check out our Introduction to Forecasting article.

We hope that this new feature allows you to customize your forecasts in an even more efficient manner than you were able to before. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Save Scale Factor with 2 Decimals: Remember that pesky little issue in Forecasting that meant plugging in a scale factor with 2 decimals would save in the calculation but then round to 1 decimal on screen? With this release, those days are gone!

Feel free to type in any scale factor up to 2 decimal points or you can select it directly from the slider. The number you enter or select will be saved as such.


Adjustment to Scheduling Constraint: "Play the Best Films At Same Times as Previous Week": Previously, when turned on, this constraint would encourage the scheduling engine to preserve the same showtimes in the same auditoriums as the previous week. Based on your feedback, we have added new functionality that allows the scheduling engine to focus only on preserving showtimes, rather than auditoriums. This should allow for more flexibility for the engine, and less dropped shows -- delivering you the result that you want.

This adjustment is an optional parameter, so you can continue to use the constraint as you did before if that is your preference. By default, the "Preserve same room as last week" parameter is enabled. Remember to disable it in case you require this extra flexibility.

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