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What's New: May 2018
What's New: May 2018
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In addition to many bug fixes, and improvements to application performance, our team has built a couple of cool new features to share with you all related to Forecasting as a part of our May release! We hope you enjoy!


  • Ability to control "minimum cinema week forecast limit"

  • Automatically adjust the number of weeks after manual changes


  • Update booking challenges resolved


Ability to control "minimum forecast limit"

As you may know, when you build a forecast, the # of weeks of play that are associated with that forecast will end when the # of admits expected during the week are 100 or less. With this new feature, our support team is able to control the exact number that defines the last week of play. If you are interested in changing the value from 100, please reach out to our team to change this for you.

Automatically adjust the number of weeks after manual changes

We've recently made changes that allow you to manually adjust your forecast at the circuit or cinema level! However, when you changed the forecast, the number of weeks of play did not change. Now when manual adjustments are made, the total number of weeks of play will adjust accordingly.


Update booking challenges resolved

Our team spent some time redesigning a portion of Film Booking to resolve all challenges that many of you have encountered recently related to updating, changing, and saving bookings. If you have had any trouble with these topics, your experience should be improved moving forward!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback about any of the new features, you know where to find us :) Email our awesome support team at and they will be happy to hear from you!

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