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What's new January 2019
What's new January 2019
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Happy new year everyone! We are kicking off the new year with an update to Analytics, focused on the films overview and yearly insights. The new design for Forecasting was introduced in November, and was well received. Since then we’ve been working to increase user experience even more by introducing new and exciting features.

Here’s the complete list of January updates:

  • Analytics Dashboard enhancements

  • Forecasting Design enhancements

  • Film Booking - Stopping holdover films from playing in multiple cinemas by just a few clicks

  • Scheduling generation enhancements


Forecasting Dashboard

General updates

  • All text filters have a search option to allow for a faster data discovery. Example: Search Cinema by Cinema Name

Rolling data Report updates

  • Totals table was placed on top of the Performance Overview table to enhance the view and filtering. If you would like to identify the films playing in a certain week, simply click on the column name from the Totals table and the Performance Overview will automatically update. Multiple weeks can be selected by using CTRL + left click.

  • Number of holidays were added to the Totals table. This will allow you to uncover any potential impact over the numbers by presence of a holiday or public event. To view the holiday, just select the week column.

  • New Calendar Month filter to allow display of data for one or multiple months of the year.

  • Display of Film Length, Genre and Played Formats in the Performance Overview table. Click on Expand button in the upper left corner of the table to uncover these columns.

  • Excel file exported from Performance Overview table will always display the following columns:

Release Date

Movie Title


Movie Genre

Movie Formats

Rolling Admits

Running Week

Calendar month

Performance Analysis Report updates

  • New Movies Overview table was added with the following information. The objective is to provide a lifetime general overview per film.


Movie Title

Release Date



Actual To Date

Forecast To Date

Box Office To Date




Avg BO Per Show

Occupancy rate

  • Overlapping of yearly data to allow an easy comparisons of the same weeks between years. When selecting multiple years under Fiscal year filter, Actual Admits chart will reflect the comparison.

  • Enhanced comparison between days of the week for the same scheduling week. Select a Running Week filter and drill down to Week Day in the Actual Admits chart.

Cinema / Circuit Overview – Next 4 weeks Dashboard

  • Similar Movies column moved to the end in table New Releases coming next 4 weeks

Cinema / Circuit Overview – Past and Current week Dashboard

  • Occupancy Rate column added in Movies Overview table

  • Display weather information

General Dashboards enhancements

  • All filters with number of week include the start date of the week. Example: It is difficult to identify the period for week 42, so know we will display 42 - 10/19/2018.

  • All reports display on top Report period and Current week. Current week will always be fixed, while Report period can update based on filters.


We appreciate all your feedback and help in providing a user friendly experience. With this in mind, here are the updates to the Forecasting page:

  • When opening a film from Forecasting, the default tab is Forecast instead of Film Overview.

  • Performance multiplier is editable by entering a value in the text box.

  • Date from and Date to filters allow an easy selection of year and month.

  • Format values on chart display decimal separators.

  • Similar Films received a new Overlay option. You can now choose to view Film Formats on the chart. By clicking each format name you can hide it or unhide it from the chart.


You can now stop films on multiple cinemas with just a few clicks: go to Film Booking, select a film, expand option to Stop film and select: film format(s) / cinema groups / cinema / print number / end date.

Multiple end dates can be added, but on different configurations, such as different cinemas.

Starting with the end date, the film version will be stopped and will no longer be proposed in the schedule generation. Under Scheduling movie list, the film version will be flagged as stopped and highlighted with red.


With each release we are optimizing more and more the scheduling generation algorithm to provide more options and cover any exceptions you may encounter on a weekly basis.

What you can expect now:

  • Before this release, if a holdover was booked, only the requested timeslots / shows would have been included in the Schedule generation proposal. With this implementation, if the forecast allows more shows than the number of booked shows, extra shows can be provided in scheduling. All you have to do is enable the new constraint called 'Give extra shows for holdovers'. Rooms are decided only based on forecast.

Important! Schedule proposal takes into account the Movie Format priority defined by you on top of any additional constraints.

Interested to learn more about these new options? Our support team will be happy to help.

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