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In this article you will find out the advanced features of the Events module, the way it works and communicates with other modules of Cinema Intelligence or with external sources.

Export from Events to Scheduler

When are Events Exported?

Events added in the Events module are exported and visible in Scheduler as soon as their state is set to Final.

As you can find in this - link to add new event (explanation of states) article, there are 3 possible states for an event: Draft, Pending and Final.

Since some events can still be in confirmation phase, only the Final ones are exported to Scheduler.

Deleting an event from the Events module does not influence the event exported to Scheduler, i.e. it will not be deleted from Scheduler.

Where is the Event Exported?

A final event can be visible in the Scheduling module, Schedule View, on the location and day of the event as it was defined in the Events module.

Events are grouped also in the Expand Movie List, under Events list.

Events are represented in a schedule similar to shows of a film, having an extra “lock” drawn on them such that the user knows it is an event. It also has the EVN format.

Blocks with a lock are fixed, they cannot be moved at a different time or in a different room. Also, they are not deleted the same as non-EVN blocks. To delete such a block there are 2 options:

  • The DELETE key from the keyboard

  • The Delete on the block (right-click menu or the “X” on the block)

Even if an event is scheduled outside the opening hours of the cinema it will be displayed, the view of Scheduler will be extended to include the event.

What information is Exported for the Event?

Several information is exported and visible in the Scheduling module:

  • Event Name

  • Event location

  • Day of the event

  • Event start and end time

  • Event length (calculated from start time + end time; it does not include the extra times like pre-show)

  • Walk-in time

  • Pre-show time (trailers)

  • Intermission

  • Cleaning time

  • Number of guests (visible in Scheduler, in the Expand Film List, under Per Show tab, as forecasted visitors for the event in the forecasted week)

Plus, if the event is of type “Film Screening” and a film is selected when defining the event for the screening, the name of the film will be added to the event name.

Scheduling an event in another room than an auditorium (foyer, bar) is possible. These kind of events will not be exported to Scheduler, they are visible only in the Events module.

Export of events to ticketing system

Since we treat Film Screenings differently, allowing the selection of a film title for the event, Cinema Intelligence is capable to export to ticketing systems the film screening as a show of the actual film linked to the event.

Please keep in mind that this is valid for two ticketing systems: Vista and Compeso.

Our work will focus here to be able to export other kind of events to ticketing systems.

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