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This article will explain how to create a new event using the Events Module.

Cinema Intelligence helps you to create and to keep an overview of events occurring in your Cinema Circuit.

An event is a distinct performance having an alternative content, with an exact starting and ending time, offered by the Cinema itself or at customer request.

From the main page of Events Module, click on Add New Event from the left side top corner to start the creation process. This will lead to Add New Event Details page, divided in 4 main sections.

1. Booking Details

In this section are set the basic booking details of the new event. All fields in this section are mandatory, except for the Number of guests.

The name will be the main identifier element and will be used in Scheduling Module as a title.

Cinema and Auditorium are connected fields. Click on each box to expand a list of existing cinemas and the related auditoriums for each location.

The start time and end time will determine the time frame of the event and the precise position in Schedule View.

The number of guests is an estimated value and will be in the Scheduling module in the Expand Film List, under Per Show tab, as forecasted visitors.

In the right-hand side of the page, a week overview is displayed for the chosen location and the play week of your scheduled event. In this table are visible: other existing events, booked films and pre-booked films (films active in the ticketing system and open for sale).

Also in this section, the status of the event can be set:

  • Draft - it requires more details to be added

  • Pending - it expects confirmation

  • Final - all details are entered and the event can be exported to Scheduling Module

2. Screening Details

In this section you can set the event’s screening details.

The Event Type is the only mandatory field from this section. This list can be customized to suits your needs.

Film and Film Format are linked fields. The name of the chosen film will be displayed in Scheduling module, after Event name.

Extra times that can be added: pre-show time, cleaning time, walk-in time and intermission.

In the right-hand side is displayed a list of other releases not booked yet, with start date in the selected day of the event, as a suggestion for you.

3. Customer Details

In the Customer details section can be added details about the customer whom requested the event. None of the fields are mandatory. Once a customer profile is created, the details are saved and auto filled each time you select that customer name.

4. Financial Details

In this section can be set a complete palate of financial details for a better overview. None of the fields are mandatory and they aren’t transferred into Scheduling Module.

Press the Save button in order to end the editing process. If the event status was set as Final, the event will be automatically transferred to Scheduling Module.

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