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Current Week / Past Week Dashboard
Current Week / Past Week Dashboard
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What is CWPW Dashboard?

This article explains the content of the Current Week/Past Week Circuit Overview (CWPW) dashboard. The CWPW dashboard is part of the Analytics module, which is a separate product of CI. If you are interested in purchasing the Analytics module please get in contact with your Customer Success Manager.

Where can I find CWPW Dashboard?

The CWPW dashboard is available under Analytics>Circuit Overview>Past and Current Week.


All data in this Dashboard is displayed on Running Week level. You can filter on cinema, playing week, fiscal and/or calendar year (in case these are different).

If "Current Week" is selected from the filter, the data will refer only to the Running Week in play (until yesterday). The data from the day that you view the report is excluded because the nightly import from your Ticketing system has not yet occurred for the entirety of that day.

If "Past Week" is selected from the filter, the data will refer only to the previous Running Week.

Any KPIs which are specified "to date" refer to the period up until the day you are looking at the report. For example, while viewing the report on Monday January 8th, the "to date" values will include data from Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the current week.

First data row

In the first row of the CWPW dashboard you can find some highlighted information. Performance overview and performance to date give information based on admissions.


  • Hover over the bars in the graphs and see the actual values.

  • You can drill down to admits per time slot and admits per location. You can even see “time slot per day per location” with . If you dive this deep be sure to use the button to make the output visible full screen.

  • Send your budget to to be able to benchmark against it.

Second data row

Shows data based on selected cinemas and selected period:

  • Biggest Drop: title that had the biggest drop percentage in chosen period

  • Best APS (average people per show): title that had the best average admissions per show

  • Number of Events: the amount of events that took place in chosen period

Movies Overview

The most detailed data can be found in the Movies Overview table. You can sort the data by clicking on the headers of the columns.

Tip: When you hover over the upper right corner of the table a small menu appears (this works for all graphs and tables in a dashboard)

Dashboards enhancements per 23rd of Jan 2019

  • Occupancy Rate column added in Movies Overview table

  • Display weather information

  • All filters with number of week include the start date of the week. Example: It is difficult to identify the period for week 42, so know we will display 42 - 10/19/2018.

  • All reports display on top Report period and Current week. Current week will always be fixed, while Report period can update based on filters.

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