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Integrating Cinema Intelligence with Film Manager
Integrating Cinema Intelligence with Film Manager

Vista HeadOffice System Settings

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Cinema Intelligence Forecasting & Optimized Scheduling can be integrated directly into Film Manager, allowing you to create, view and update film forecasts, and use them to help with programming decisions.

To integrate Cinema Intelligence with Film Manager, you must have an existing Cinema Intelligence account, and complete the following steps.

Configuring the Cinema Intelligence URLs in Head Office

This step must be performed by an administrator that has access to Head Office system settings

  1. Open Head Office

  2. Go to System Settings

  3. Find the settings under Category CINEMAINTELLIGENCE INTEGRATION and configure the Value with the connection URLs supplied by Cinema Intelligence.

Configuring Users in Film Manager

This step must be performed by each user who needs access to Cinema Intelligence in Film Manager.

  1. Log into Film Manager

  2. Click the Settings ‘cog’ button in the top right corner to open the settings panel

  3. On the Cinema Intelligence tab, enter your login and password issued to you by Cinema Intelligence, and click Login
    If successful, you will see a message stating you are logged in to Cinema intelligence

  4. Click Save to close the settings dialog

Once complete, you will have access to the Cinema Intelligence features in Film Manager.

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